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Scale Up Atlantic Canada is designed specifically for highly-ambitious leaders of $1M-$15M revenue companies  motivated to aggressively grow their business.

More About Scale Up Atlantic Canada

What is the view of the Scale Up Atlantic Program?

Daniel Isenberg, who founded the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project which provides the professional vision, expertise and methodology for Scale Up Milwaukee, has defined entrepreneurship as consisting of the continual aspiration to grow and to the creation of more-than-average scaling up of business ventures, regardless of the sector or age. Scale Up ventures may be family businesses, startups, manufacturers, services, retailers, or tech companies. Scale Up can mean increased growth of 5%, 25%, 50% or 100%. Many ventures that participate in Scale Up programs find growth to be almost immediate and significant.

What are the benefits when companies accelerate their growth?

We know from economies all around the world that accelerated growth entrepreneurship creates increased dynamism for regions, dignified employment for residents, enhanced personal wealth for entrepreneurs and tax revenues for the public sector. The various forms that entrepreneurship may take (self-employment, small businesses, family companies, or startups) can all have these impacts if and when they start to scale up, that is, enter into a relatively rapid growth trajectory, whether it is from 100 to 150 or 5 to 10 people.

​* Note: "Scalerator" is a trademark of Dan Isenberg. Scalerator is a proven program for business leaders who want to deliver immediate growth into their business and are open to learning new ways to do so.


“I have doubled my workforce to 50, built out our delivery platform, and won regional, out-of-state contracts. From Day 1 there was constant pressure in the Scalerator Program to grow faster than I had been comfortable with.”

Annette Tipton, CEO and owner of Able Access (Milwaukee)

“I was a $5 million provider of health claims management for providers when I started the program two years ago. I will close 2016 at $10 million. That growth started in the Scalerator Program.”

Lori Zindl, CEO and owner of OS Inc. (Milwaukee)

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Scalerator is a proven program for leaders who want to deliver immediate growth into their business and are open to learning new ways to do so.

The impact on the growth has been ... WOW! ... in so many ways.
— Mitch Zlotnik, President, Audimute

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DANIEL J. ISENBERG – Scalerator Founder

Daniel Isenberg is founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform, Associate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School. From 1981-7 and 2005-9 Dan was a professor at the Harvard Business School, and in the interim (1987-2005) was an entrepreneur and venture capitalist in Israel. Dan has authored one book Worthless Impossible and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value (Harvard Business Review Press 2013), published over 35 digital and print articles on entrepreneurship in the Harvard Business Review, and has been featured in the Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg, Quartz, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. Dan has been a pioneer in the concept and development of entrepreneurship ecosystems, and he launched and directs Manizales-Mas, Scale Up Milwaukee, ScaleratorNEO, and created the Scalerator and Scale Up Ecosystems methodologies. Between 2009-2013 Dan conducted World Economic Forum events at Davos, Africa, Europe, and China. In 2012 Mikhail Gorbachev awarded Dan the Pio Manzu Award for “Innovations in Economic Development.” Dan is an active investor in early and late stage ventures. He holds the Ph.D. degree in social psychology from Harvard University.


Professor Onyemah teaches Marketing Management, Sales Force Management and other classes as Associate Professor of Marketing at Babson College. He has also taught at Boston University and Lagos Business School. Vini has started two companies and held executive positions in sales, with over 20 years of practical selling experience.


Vini has taught and conducted consulting projects in over twenty-five countries around the world, and consults for the IFC/ World Bank. He is field director for the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP). Vini has published articles in the Harvard Business Review, Journal of International Business Studies, European Journal of Marketing, among others. Vini has also won a number of research and teaching awards. He is also lead author of the book, Entrepreneurial Selling: The facts every entrepreneur must know (Business Expert Press 2017). Vini received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. from INSEAD (France), the MBA from IESE (Barcelona), and the B.Sc. from University of Ibadan (Nigeria).

Elaine Eisenman.jpeg


Elaine Eisenman served for 12 years as Dean of Executive Education at Babson College, the number one ranked college for entrepreneurship education. Elaine’s career includes experience as a corporate general manager, human resources executive including at American Express, Enhance Financial Services, The Children’s Place, as well as several leading consulting firms. Her areas of expertise include executive selection, transition, and succession, and the alignment of strategy, selection, compensation, and performance during periods of growth and transformation. Elaine is a frequent keynote speaker.


Elaine is author of books and many articles, I Didn’t See It Coming: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business (Wiley), “Power in the Post‐Sarbanes Oxley Boardroom,” “Public Policy: Enabler or Inhibitor of Entrepreneurial Companies,” and “Why CEOs Become Blindsided.” She has been cited or interviewed in the WSJ, and ABC’s 20/20. Elaine has served on the boards of DSW, Inc. UST, and Active International and is a founding member and member of the boards of Women Corporate Directors and The Belizean Grove. Elaine earned a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from New York University, and an MS from Columbia University.


Kevin Mulcahy teaches on entrepreneurship, innovation and financing growth. He currently specializes in delivering workshops and teaching classes for scale-up accelerator programs globally. He has previously taught entrepreneurship and new venture creation courses for undergraduate and MBA level students.


Kevin’s principal area of research is on the trends that shape the future of work. Outside Babson College, Kevin is a partner with Future Workplace and the cohost of The Future Workplace Network, a membership community for senior HR executives. He delivers corporate workshops on “future proofing” business and HR strategies. Kevin is co-author of “The Future Workplace Experience” (McGraw Hill).


Previously, Kevin has served as the practice head of a research consulting firm, in several executive roles at Sprint and as the CEO of an international telecom business. He also coaches on leadership effectiveness on Executive Education programs at the Harvard Business School. He has been active on the boards of small companies in Japan, Ireland and the US. He received his BA degree in Management Science from Trinity College in Dublin and his MBA from Boston College.

Ana Biavatti 2.png


Ana has 10 years of national and international experience in managing operative groups, project management and business development. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and Italian. In 2009, Ana worked in investment attraction, environment strategies and community empowerment to Maputo, Mozambique. In 2011, Ana started Meritus Partners in de Janeiro to provide business performance and entrepreneurship services, including the award winning Oficina de Negocinhos for youth in de Janeiro, including several of favelas, as well as in other Brazilian cities. Ana has studied business management, entrepreneurship, international marketing and strategy, and has a degree in psychology and the MBA from Università tá Malta.


Dhirendra is Professor and the Dr J Herbert Smith ACOA Chair in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada. Dhirendra utilizes his expertise from the telecom sector and extensive academic background in the areas of entrepreneurial finance, masters of business administration, and engineering, to promote a bright future for New Brunswick. Passionate about entrepreneurship, design, engineering, innovation, and leadership, Dhirendra ignites this same passion in others through his teaching at UNB, local entrepreneurial community outreach, and the creation of programs such as the Masters of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (MTME) program, Technology Commercialization Program, Summer Institute and Energia Ventures. Recognition of his tireless efforts and vision are demonstrated through UNB’s 2014 award from Startup Canada as “Most Entrepreneurial Post-Secondary Institution of the Year”, his nomination as a finalist for Industry Champion by KIRA, and his nomination as a finalist for Progress Media’s Innovation in Practice award. Dhirendra was nominated for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and selected by a panel of judges as a Top 75 finalist. Most recently, he received the Entrepreneur Promotion Award by Startup Canada (2017), as well as the Outstanding Educator Award by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick in 2018.

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  • Highly-ambitious leaders motivated to aggressively grow their business.

  • Annual revenues between $4M and $15M (companies above $1M should also consider applying).

  • Participating Owner/CEO/President should have significant ownership in the company.

  • Companies Headquartered in Atlantic Canada from all sectors are encouraged to apply.

  • Fee per company: $5,000.

  • Dates for workshops: March 21-22; April 17-18; May 16-17; June 11-12; July 10-11; August 6-7; September 5-6                               

  • Day 1 of every workshop: full (8am - 5pm)     |     Day 2 of every workshop: half (8am - Noon)     |     Workshop #7 is 2 full days 

Application Deadline: 14th January, 2019
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